My Story

The power of music and its ability to bring communities together in peace and harmony has been a special attraction for Sue Schuster, founder of ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES. Sue’s idea became a reality on 11/11/2016 at 11:11 a.m. when she realized the world needed hope, respect and unity to bring people together. Thus, ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES was created.

ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES is an organization that travels to local communities spreading love, joy and peace through music. Anyone in the community can participate, and with guidance from a skilled choir director, community members are taught to sing in unison with their friends and neighbors in the afternoon. All members are encouraged to participate regardless of age, gender or musical background. No musical experience is required; the only perquisite is a love of music. The evening performance is live-streamed on the internet, posted on YouTube and shared on social media for all the world to see.

Music allows communities to experience the same emotions with their members. Music transcends cultures, genders and generations and can be an effective tool in breaking down existing barriers between people. Many have found the best way to express feelings of love, joy, passion and hope is through music. Music is a beautiful way to help community members support and understand one another.

The events will typically take place at a location where a nonprofit resides or we will align ourselves with a cause, a cause that just might need more visibility because as we are creating a unique experience lets help others benefit from our efforts.

History has taught us there is no better release than music. If your community just gives us a few hours of a day, the community participants in an ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES event get lost in that same magical reality of 11 11 itself, unifying all of us as participants in this crazy world. We are all the same when we are singing.