About Us

Something magical happens when community participants gather to sing together, something that brings people closer together. The power of music has been shown to help people connect with each other and increase their sense of community. People from diverse backgrounds gather to bond and enjoy the magic that comes from singing with other people in their community.

Music has an undeniable ability to bring people together from all cultures to connect with each other and share their sense of community. Our country rarely been more divided nor more ready to begin the healing process of coming together. 11 11 Voices is an organization that brings communities together by creating musical experiences and sharing them with the world. 11 11 Voices travels to communities spreading love, joy closeness and peace through music.

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ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES is the inspiration from Sue Schuster, a marketing entrepreneur who has founded several successful ventures in her professional career. Sue started ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES to build community involvement through the power of music. Sue’s vision is to bring members of a community together in a singing event, an event that builds relationships, facilitates bonding and drives community interaction.

An ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES event provides all ages the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being members of a choir without the commitment. Community members come together for an afternoon and evening of happiness and entertainment through the magic of song, meeting new people in an inspiring atmosphere. It is the transformation of individuals into a harmonious unit, dedicated to a common goal which has become the function of ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES. Sue believes music brings people together better than anything and can build and reinvigorate communities.


Our country has rarely been more divided than now nor more ready to begin the healing process. There is no better way to begin that evolution than through a series of events designed to bring communities together through the therapeutic and cathartic power of music.

Our Story

ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES is an organization that brings community members together by creating musical experiences and sharing them with the world.  Our goal is to bridge any gaps that divide us and demonstrate we’re all equal when we’re lifting our voices in song.  All events will include partners, partners from the nonprofit sector. Partners with a cause who need visibility and are willing to host the event.

Get Involved

There are many ways to become involved with ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES. Show up and sing, we need attendees. We also welcome corporate and event partnerships, volunteers and talent. All are needed for successful event.

Please connect with us if you are interested in finding out more about ELEVEN ELEVEN VOICES.