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We've got great news!  Eleven Eleven Voices partnered with ONELOUDOUN!


Our skilled Choir Director, Dan Simrell will work with the crowd for approximately an hour; folks singing their hearts out with an appropriate “unity” themed song – (TBD) Then a “single take, live performance” streamed to the internet and posted to YouTube in perpetuity! That is exactly what we promise will happen on December 2, 2017 at the ONELOUDOUN Christmas Tree Lighting Event.


Eleven Eleven Voices - Hazleton 2017

Think about a spontaneous chorus of 150+ people spilling out into the street, singing in unison on Main Street in Hazelton. A skilled Choir Director working with anyone who wants to participate for two hours singing their hearts out with an appropriate "unity" themed song - John Denver's Take Me Home, Country Roads. Then a live-stream single take "performance"... that is what happened on August 5th in Hazleton, Pa.

Something magical happened when 150 folks from Hazleton sang together. Those who thought they can't carry a tune became confident and found the voice they never knew they had. They began to connect and feel good. Race, creed, political and social status became invisible. In a world filled with uncertainty, fear and sadness, Eleven Eleven Voices brought hope, laughter, connection and understanding...all through the power of music. We can make your next event just as magical. You provide the people and we help organize an event that will raise money and awareness for the non-profit of your choice.

Lets Connect!